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Sunny Performing Arts Group

We are Sunny Dance!.

Sunny Performing Arts Group comprises a group of volunteering performing artists living in the Triangle area of North Carolina, who love and devote themselves to the performing arts of the world, especially the colorful and diverse Chinese communal folk dance, which is known for its 5,000-year tradition and ever-renewing dynamic energy.

Over the years, Sunny Performing Arts Group has participated in more that 50 community art and cultural events in the Triangle area. Our performances have been well recognized and warmly received at, for example, the Durham CenterFest, the Raleigh International Festival, and the Morrisville Arts and Cultural Festival, among others. We are very proud of our artists for their great enthusiasm, never-faltering volunteerism, and seething community spirit. We are also very grateful to our families, audiences, and community for their cheerful encouragement and steady fast support.

Our mission is through various forms of dances to showcase and appreciate the world of communal folk dance, especially the age-old Chinese folk dances; to enrich the family and community's cultural life; and to promote and enhance the cultural understanding and exchange among the residents and citizens of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds who work/live in the Triangle area and beyond.

Sunny Dance

About us

Sunny Performing Arts Group

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